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Skilling Youth in Emerging Technologies
using no-code AI driven apps
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Edubuk's CETA (Certified Emerging Technologies Analyst) Program is your gateway to the exciting world of Emerging Technologies!

CETA Certification
Level 1

Understand Fundamentals of 9 Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Robotics & Drones, Data Science, IoT & IoB, AR/VR/Metaverse, 3D Printing 

CETA Certification
Level 2

Get Intermediate knowledge of Emerging Technologies using Generative AI applications in a no-code or low-code environment in AI, ML, Blockchain, Data Analytics,
Data Visualization 

CETA Certification
Level 3

Get Expert level knowledge and complete hands-on Capstone projects in AI & ML, Data Analytics, Visualization or Blockchain. Also, learn Prompt Engineering (how to talk to generative AI applications like ChatGPT) 

CETA Program by Edubuk

Getting You Job Ready by Teaching You the Most Sought After Skills of 4th Industrial Revolution in the 21st Century!

Product name

CETA Certification Program

Understand Fundamentals of 9 Emerging Technologies: AI & ML, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Robotics & Drones, Data Science, IoT & IoB, AR/VR/Metaverse, 3D Printing followed by CETA (Certified Emerging Technologies Analyst) Examination. Complete all 3 levels of CETA Program Diploma (Fundamental, Intermediate and Expert) in 4 months  and show potential employers your readiness for the most in-demand, future Skills of 4th Industrial Revolution in the 21st Century!

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e-Sealing CETA Certificates & CVs on the Blockchain

Record your CETA Certificates, CVs and Transcripts on the Blockchain in a tamper-proof manner for background verification! Connect with Universities & Employers for Studying Abroad or Taking up a high-paying, high-in demand jobs requiring Emerging Technologies Skillsets.

Sample CETA Certificate - One for Each Level

CETA Certificate Sample

Few Customer Testimonials

"Great Course on AI & ML by Edubuk. Understood each bit of it, applying in my day to day workflow as well."
Shaun Benson, AI Manager, SixthSense
"The lessons were great, and I believe Apoorva Bajaj is an incredible tutor who is able to explain long and complex subjects on emerging technologies in a way that is concise and easy to remember."
Abdallah Al-Shishani: Rosemary School, Jordan
"It was a wonderful learning experience during the CETA program. I am glad to have taken this course from Edubuk and will surely recommend the course to my friends who want to learn about emerging technologies and its fundamentals."
Rahul Reddy, JBIET Hyderabad
"The Course was excellent. We learnt so much about Artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Also we learnt practical use-cases of these technologies in today's corporate sector in order to get a high-paying job which no one tells in today's world and is very important too."
Anshika Guleria, NPGC College, Lucknow

Edubuk is Globally Award Winning & Recognized By Reputed Organizations 

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