It was really an excellent experience! An amazing opportunity of knowing more about myself. The report was very accurate and it had everything I ever want to be. - Gana Surya Polisetti (St Mary's College, Hyderabad), The report is exactly what I am. I liked the Career Mapping Section of the Report a lot - Bhavana Akkiraju (BVRIT, Narsapur, Hyderabad), The areas of interest covered by the questions is very expansive. - Shefali Rao (St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad), Overall the MIIT Exam is excellent and I wish it would be considered as "The Best Career Assessment Screening" in India. - Jayant Mishra (Universal Business School, Mumbai), Edubuk's MIIT Test is so special that it deserves a special place in the Future of Education - Srinidhi Deshpande (SR Engineering College, Warangal), The questions of the MIIT Test were great. The results & Career Mapping Report are absolutely accurate for me. - Aanchal Gupta (National PG College, Lucknow),

Edubuk helps youngsters and adults to discover their passion (via MIIT Screening: Multiple Intelligence, Interests and Talent); map it with most relevant career path(s) and get them relevantly skilled (by Customized Learning Plan) to Convert their Passion into a Profession!

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Analyzes top 3 Intelligence Types and map it with relevant career path options with personalized career counselling. 

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Our A.I. & M.L. Tech. provides combination of Online-Cum-Offline Medium of Learning to help you acquire skills for your chosen career path.

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A Digital & Verifiable Professional Resume shown to the employers for relevant job opportunities.

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Job Opportunities with our partner and non-partner employer(s) from a combination of Conventional and Unconventional Job Types.

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Flaunt Your Passion & Talent in a Short Video and Win Exciting Prizes

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