Vaishali Jog

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Being the daughter of an Army Officer and a teacher, values of truth,honesty and trust define me.

My background has, ensured that, l easily adapt to changing environment,as we used to keep moving locations, every 2-3 years.Another advantage , that my background,gave me was the opportunity, to see many places and that is one reason, I love travelling.It is one of my goals, to see the world to create beautiful memories.

My mother has taught me, to always share things, and never stop learning.I have realised that, whenever, I share things,my happiness quoteint shoots up and many a times, I inspire others.Also, the carving, for learning new things, fills me with an amazing zest for life.The kind of excitement that I experience, every time , I learn something new, is not something, I can put in words.

My philosophies in life are:
1.Learning till my last breath
2.Sharing as much as I can
3.Maintaining my body as a temple
4.Live happily and let others live happily
5.Being super positive in any scenario

Also, the values that define me are books, people,love, relations and money.

This was about me, as a person ????

Besides this , l am a chartered accountant with post qualification experience of more than 8 years in the corporate sector.Though l always enjoyed working in the corporate sector ,l always knew that something was missing and I was meant to do something big.

So, it was in July ,2019 that I resigned from the corporate world as I had conceived. My baby was born on 21st October,2019 and it was after 3-4 months that I realised that I have to take control of my health in terms of energy levels and my weight.So, l started with a practice called Fletcherism (An amazing way of having your food leading to awesome energy levels along with attainment of ideal weight) and there was absolutely no looking back

After taking to the Practice ,l realised that I had to spread this practice to millions ,as l myself was experiencing amazing energy levels and have lost more than 15kgs .I felt obligated to spread it.

My mission statement stands as "I was born to inspire and motivate millions to become the Healthiest version of themselves ,"

As ,it's my nature to motivate and inspire people, l have taken the leap of faith, by getting into the health industry from the financial industry

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